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Are you at odds with you teen? Have you run out of ideas? Are you scared that you teenager is running out of control? We are here to help.

This site is dedicated to providing parents with the best articles and advice on dealing with their problem teenagers. The site covers a diverse number of relevant subjects on teenage behaviour and parenting strategies to help others cope with with defiant teens.


Spotting troubled teenage behavior may be tricky, but check out our articles on the signs of problem teenage behavior for help with identitifying what problems you son or daughter might be facing.

We also take a careful look at  teenage substance abuse and addiction. Articles on specific substances and their particular affects on teenagers are discussed – as are common solutions, such as intervention.


Hostile teenage behavioris another common problem facing parents (and other teens) today.  On this site you will find articles which will help you understand self-destructive behavior and / or violence.

With the help of our professinal contributors, we have recently developed a section on mental disorders your teenager may be suffering from… ADHD and eating orders have been given special attention.

Rest assured – if you’re looking for parenting advice then you’ve come to the right place. Quite a number of the articles are devoted to useful parenting strategies and tips for dealing with unruly teens. Discipline, setting rules, utilizing penalties, and obedience are just some of the subjects covered.  Be sure to bookmark our site.


If this is your first time at the site, take a look around with an open mind and heart, and partake in the rich treasure trove of information that can prove useful for you and your teen. The sections below should prove to be a useful starting point:

  • Overview  ( 5 items )
    At adolescence, your teenager is in a quest of independence – it’s definitely a time of change, yet as a parent how may you know if teenagers actions are normal or actually calls for concern? Read an troubled teenagers overview, or read our Editoral.  Information for Advertisers and our Disclaimer can also be found on this part of the site.
  • Trends  ( 5 items )
    Looking for news on boarding schools, wilderness camps or medicine and treatment?  Find out about the latest trends in learning and therapy for troubled teenagers.
  • Definitions  ( 2 items )
    With a myriad of personalities out there, how can one really tell if their teen is outwardly seeking help through his actions? Or maybe he/she is simply just a bit different? 
  • What is normal behaviour?  ( 5 items )
    Adolescence is a confusing stage for teenagers, yet it’s confusing for parents as well. Your adolescents may be temperamental and mixed up. It’s definitely a time of change, yet as a parent how may you know if your teenager’s actions are normal or actually calls for your concern? What is normal?

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Welcome to Troubled teens

We are the biggest and best resource online for troubled teens.  Our site is set to launch in early December 2005.  We will be launching our discussion forum in early 2006. Stay tuned for for more details.

Boarding School for Troubled Teens
If Liz Gorham and her cadre of volunteers have their way, Northeast Colorado will be providing urgently needed help for troubled teens in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.  Click here for more information

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