Discipline and Rules

Discipline and Rules

teen2l.jpgTypically, troubled teenagers may be unresponsive towards any kind of penalty implemented. He/she may even act rebellious when faced with penalties to endure. As a responsible, concerned parent, what do you do when consequences don’t work?

You may read up on boarding schoolsboot campswilderness programs, or treatment centers which may prove beneficial for your teenager. Be sure to check the kinds of programs and steps to wellness offered at each school/camp and select a center accordingly.

But it’s important to realize that by seeking outside help when confronted with your teenager and his/her self-destructive behavior, you are handling your child. You are taking charge and reclaiming control over the situation. For more information you may refer to when consequences don’t work for defiant teenagers.

Boarding schools encourage not just scholastic excellence but emotional stability as well. The positive atmosphere and structure offered may be truly beneficial to your child. The counseling provided addresses the negativity in a troubled teen. Also, there is more opportunity for individual focus because of the small teacher to student ratios. There are different kinds of boarding schools accessible to parents such as the following: Conservative Boarding Schools, Military Schools, Religious Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, and Specialty Boarding Schools.

Refer to Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens.

Boot camps are normally the answer that parents find to bring their children to terms with reality. The general aim of these sorts of facilities is to force direction onto your troubled teenagers while providing an effective short-term answer to their self-destructive behavior. The main concept behind these types of camps is that a reality check may be all that your child needs to get back on track and leave self-destructive behavior behind. Refer to Teenage Boot Camps.

In a therapeutic wilderness programs, an adolescent’s emotional issues are properly addressed as the environment is utilized as a productive atmosphere for positively affecting a self-destructive mindset. Therapeutic programs not only provide mental and physical challenges but they offer a chance for an inward-focused examination of the self-destructive behavior that has been characteristic of the child.

Refer to Wilderness Programs for Troubled Teens and Therapeutic Wilderness Programs.

Treatment centers may offer focused support for defiant teenagers who need clinical assistance in dealing with their emotional hurdles and destructive patterns of behavior. Programs available in these centers normally incorporate both one-on-one and group counseling along with various levels and kinds of training for real-life encounters. 12-step programs for drug/alcohol abuse may also be included.

Refer to Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens.

Defiant teenagers may call for the use of behavior modification therapy in order to control their rebellious actions. The main objective of this type of therapy is to eradicate defiant behavior through the reinforcement of appropriate actions while discouraging the rebellious responses. It is frequently used in the treatment of mental disorders such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and even substance abuse.
Refer to Behavior Modification for defiant teens.

Psychotherapy also plays an important part in teen wellness. As diverse as the field may seem, five major approaches can be distinguished: Psychodynamic Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Family Therapy, and Supportive Therapy. Medication can also simultaneously be used alongside psychotherapy in the treatment of your child.

Refer to Psychotherapy for Troubled Teens.

Imbalances in the brain (nervous system) or internal chemical disparity may frequently be the cause of disorders. Medication can be useful to a particular degree in keeping these imbalances in check while increasing the teenager’s openness to psychotherapy.

Refer to Medication for Troubled Teens.
  • Enforcing Discipline  ( 10 items )
    Setting limits or house rules as parent is an important key in your adolescents’ fruition. They may securely bloom into responsible and mature adults with your guidelines. Just like a government with its laws to rule by, a home needs its own rules or guidelines to keep the home running smoothly.

  • When consquences don’t work  ( 5 items )
    The penalties you decide to implement as parent should have enough weight to actually curb your defiant teen from breaking a particular rule again. If not, consider your limits or guidelines useless.

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