Reading The Signs

Signs of a troubled teen


What are the warning signs you should be looking out for? Is your teenager heading down a dangerous path? Are you overreacting?

We can help you decide. There’s a wealth of information and articles below which can help you identitify which behavior might be dangerous and what is considered normal teenage behaviour.

Check out the sections below which help you identify the signs of a troubled teenager – there may be external pressures on your teen of which aren’t aware. A lot of problem teens hide isolation or drug use which might be affecting their behavior.

After reading through the articles below (armed with your parental instincts) you should be able to identify problem behavior and decide on the proper action to take.
  • Teenage Isolation  ( 3 items )
    For a teenager, friends mean the world. So if you notice that your kid likes the company of himself more than anyone else, check out why.
  • Peer Group Pressure  ( 3 items )
    New friends you’ve never met – On the other hand, if your adolescent’s hanging out with a whole new group of friends, but not even giving you a clue as to who they might be, then you may be concerned. This change of friends may also lead to a change in “look” as well.
  • What is your teen hiding from you?  ( 3 items )
    When it seems your child is hiding things from you, not just her diary but significant events that concern her well-being, then you may be worried. She may be habitually late or not at the right place at the designated time.
  • School troubles and troubled Teens  ( 11 items )
    If your child’s grades are plummeting or he/she may not even want to attend school to begin with, then this may be a signal of things going amiss. Getting into fights at school or disputes with teachers is another obvious sign.

  • Eccentricity – Is your teenager different?  ( 6 items )
    When your child experiences difficulty fitting in with his peers, strange behavior may be something to look into. It may even be early signs of a mental disorder.
  • Drugs, Alcohol and your problem teen  ( 4 items )
    Trying out drugs or alcohol may be a part of many teenagers’ lives but when this becomes habitual or goes together with school troubles, then be warned. This may also be accompanied by missing money from the house or your wallet at times.

  • Anxiety and Depression: your teenager and emotional stress  ( 4 items )
    Deep-seated emotional issues may be detected through the expression of negative feelings. If you notice “suicide” as a popular term in your desktop’s search engine, then be wary. Unless your child is doing his Senior Research Paper on the topic, then his depression may be urging him on to commit the ultimate act of self-destruction.

  • Violence and Troubled Teens  ( 3 items )
    Violence (to one’s self or others) – Self-harm is an obvious cry for help. Any kind of violence inflicted onto others is also a sign of trouble for your teen.
  • Unhealthy teenage views on body image  ( 3 items )
    A distorted body image and weight loss/gain not only makes an emotional issue that must be addressed apparent, but it is a vital health issue as well. One must take note of shifting sleep or eating patterns.

  • Nervous breakdown: is your teen under pressure?  ( 3 items )
    If your child shows how he/she cannot deal with the day-to-day issues of adolescence, then be on your guard and ready to show your support.

  • Moody Teenagers  ( 4 items )
    Changes in temperament- Smiling one moment and shrieking the next can be a signal of disorder. Anger which is uncalled for, should not be dismissed as a simple temper.

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